Welcome to the Open Play Booking page!

Special Summer Hours Only

Here, you can easily book your next Open Play session with us at Imagination Station FTW. Our Open Play sessions are a great way for your little ones to play and engage with other kids in a safe and temperature-controlled indoor playspace.

If you don't see any available Open Play sessions, don't worry! Just give us a call at 682-255-5337 to check for availability. We understand that sometimes schedules don't always align, so we may still have spots available for the day.

Please note that if you book a play session after it has already begun, you'll still need to adhere to the 2-hour time limit for the active play session. This helps us ensure that all families have a fair and enjoyable experience at Imagination Station.

We hope to see you and your little ones soon! If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We're here to help and make your visit to Imagination Station as seamless as possible.

Socks Required in Play Area!

At Imagination Station FTW, the health and safety of our little adventurers is our top priority. Requiring socks in our play area is just one way we ensure a clean and safe environment for everyone. Thank you for partnering with us in this effort!

*Required for adults and children

Forgot your socks? No worries, we have socks available for purchase

我们关于 Open Play 的常见问题解答

对于第一个孩子,无论年龄大小一般入场费为 12.99 美元。 1 岁以上的任何额外儿童每人 12.99 美元。这包括两个小时的游戏时间、使用我们的游乐区以及免费咖啡和水。

对于有付费兄弟姐妹且有 6 个月至 11 个月大孩子的家庭,我们提供“附加”选项。该选项允许您以6.50 美元的价格让年幼的兄弟姐妹参与其中。此价格包括使用我们的游乐区以及免费咖啡和水。

6 个月以下的儿童在有付费兄弟姐妹的情况下始终免费。

If using a physical gift card or punch card, click on the "redeem coupon" button and enter the code "GIFTCARD" or "PUNCHCARD" during checkout. You will then present your card at check-in.

是的,从 2023 年 3 月 14 日开始,我们现在需要预订 Open Play,以确保我们能够容纳所有家庭并保持安全的容量限制。

  • 我在哪里可以预订我的 Open Play 预订?
    您现在可以直接从Google 搜索Google 地图、我们的Facebook 页面Instagram ,当然还有我们的网站轻松预订您的游戏时段。
  • 我可以预订多个日期和时间吗?
  • 我可以重新安排我的预订吗?
  • 如果我有多个孩子怎么办?
    对于第一个孩子,无论年龄大小一般入场费为 12.99 美元。 1 岁以上的任何额外儿童每人 12.99 美元。这包括两个小时的游戏时间、使用我们的游乐区以及免费咖啡和水。对于有付费兄弟姐妹且有 6 个月至 11 个月大孩子的家庭,我们提供“附加”选项。该选项允许您以6.50 美元的价格让年幼的兄弟姐妹参与其中。此价格包括使用我们的游乐区以及免费咖啡和水。 6 个月以下的儿童在有付费兄弟姐妹的情况下始终免费。
  • 如果我没有预约怎么办?

如果您有任何其他问题或需要预订方面的帮助,请随时与我们联系。我们在这里帮助确保您的 Open Play 体验尽可能愉快。


想象站 FTW 发布表

我们的游戏空间专为 0-6 岁的儿童设计。

For the cleanliness and safety of our play environment, all guests, both adults and children, are required to wear socks and remove their shoes while in the play area. This policy applies consistently across all activities, including Open Play, Birthday Parties, and Events. Designated storage areas are provided for shoes. Our primary goal is to maintain a hygienic and safe space for all our visitors.



Please Watch Before Booking Your Open Play Session!